For 7 Years Nebuchadnezzar
Ate Grass With Beasts In The Field
(He thereafter acknowledged God's majesty)

Before this tribulation the king said to himself:
  ‘Strong as a tree I reach to God's heaven.
  His birds safely dwell in my branches,
  his beasts comfortably hide in my shade.’

A voice, resounding above him, decreed:
  ‘King Nebuchadnezzar shall eat grass like an ox !
  His nails ( sharp as eagles’ claws) ,
  his hair ( warm as birds’ feathers)
  will year after year sustain & protect him. . .’

 Afterwards Nebuchadnezzar declared:
   ‘At my trial's end I returned to my kingdom.
  I sit with Jehovah now in my palace
- his servant upheld & forgiven
  humbly eating & drinking.’


To clarify his position  the king observed: ‘I Nebuchadnezzar  praise & honour the heavenly king who walks with truth & justice. Having overthrown those who walk in pride he rules heaven & earth forever.’

[Rescued by his counsellors & forgiven by his creator, Nebuchadnezzar begins at last to understand himself.]