His face is repulsive but delightful.
He knows (his thoughts are etched instantly on it)
precisely his wants.

His wide single-line lips are tight.
The black pins (his eyes) in their snail-grey ponds
shout a series of impossible feats
soon - eureka! - to be realized...
Nobody has ever gainsaid or corrected him.
It's a villainous portrait.

Even an Octopus
in action is less implacable.

A tarantula
or mantis definitely more lovable !

With his sword in hand (& his last-ditch sharp knife †
locked in its cupboard) he’ll proceed UNSTOPPABLE FOREVER
his thin lips malevolently grinning.

† For final use, hara-kiri.


With ‘delightful’ at the beginning & ‘malevolent’ at the end, this is a complaint that such ruthless & dedicated persons (not in the least restrained by destruction & death, including their own deaths) not only exist, but are sometimes admired.