Is a man who understands
exactly how the object works

When he sees that no progress
is possible on account
of the construction
of the object

he returns slightly non-
not desperate
to the drawingboard

Picture him as a man
sticking together the bits
the pieces of some other
bones    muscles    nerves

The animal drags a Machine
(the machine breaks down)
the animal staggers
ENGINEER is excited
he revises the plan
produces a hybrid
(man  -  animal  -  machine)
no  nerves  no  bones  no  BRAIN
(jigs with nuts & bolts)

‘This creature will work nonstop
& will last FOREVER
will sow reap copulate
while I smoke & sleep’
he grinned




A genetic engineer is a man who knows that nothing is finished, that frustrations - DEATHS OF IDEAS & deaths of species - will inevitably bring in eventually astonishing new creatures.

These creatures will be ideal for what he as an engineer must know needs to be done.

‘They'll be mechanical - just nuts & bolts but entirely stable & indestructible - perfect for the job!’ he grins.