‘Here's your share '
brusquely he stared at me
he was stuck for words
‘take it & go ! '

I was footloose
everything was free
& at once I fled.

Just-so Buddha from his banyan departed
Elijah in his chariot
God from his tree.

I ate my own & somebody's money
(but I ate no corn
& certainly no husks).

Reciprocally & quickly
you’ll say it
‘a multitude of harlots devoured him! '

Thinnest of things it was then
mere wraith of me
received his note urgently

for in a mess desperately
my austere parent
stooped he wrote to me .

‘Nobody's life shouldn't be burnt ' he uttered
‘mere stink mere smoke
USELESS to ashes !'

Clearly his fences were down
. . . pigs bewildered , cows moidered . . .
curs were in his yard .

‘Return Instantly’ he begged he persuaded
‘there's a calf a ring & a suit here
( he forgot to list the kiss & tears )
rightfully to your home ! '


In the Prodigal Son the compassionate father is so full of love for his son that he is prepared to forget the waste & futility in his recent behaviour.

In Home the father ( so the son thinks ) has an overriding need for the boy's help on the farm, & therefore he says that nobody's life should be regarded as expendable or useless .