(A Tune)

I have this matter continually in my head. Very like
a tune - brass, woodwind, lutes: flutes - the backing
is persistent, excellent...

Since the text requires it
(& anyway my body is despicable) it shall definitely
be burnt...

I will omit the next paragraph.

Nobody without (the tools can remove a mountain or understand
-with or without faith - the mysteries you speak about. †

Although you have stated the problem, have argued it
logically, I understand not a whit of it!

I prefer
to be a child seeing darkly –I will never put away
my childish toys! (the ‘in part' can never vanish, it
will never be done.)

The people are happy - they dance
to flute, woodwind - they speak in chorus, the drums
are banging & the lights flash...

They enliven the broken-
hearted, the poor & the lonely.
What else can they do?


Although I cannot forget the music of St Paul's phrases, I have to admit that the argument is completely beyond my comprehension.

I shall always stick to my toys, understanding very little of what I see. Perhaps this kind of childish happiness -what else am I able for?- will be contagious & helpful.

† The reference is to verse 2 in the first epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 13