Her thin legs are elegantly jointed.
Her arms (raised fervently) carry 2 saws
& a double row of hooks.

She PRAYS motionless.

The victim ( singing to himself ) trundles
- is he drunk? –
(step  casually   by   casual   step)
towards her.

This splendid leaf-green insect
has translucent pink wings,
& her bloodred eyes swivel
- gleaming in a sharp hammerhead -
360 degrees.

She gobbles in tiny mouthfuls her useless mate.
[Jehovah , I suppose, created her deliberately
but his reasoning escapes me.]

& very quickly
( happy as a lark)
she abandons her children.


Fabre doesn't directly judge this insect. He simply catalogues the details of her excellence.

He states she has an imposing & majestic manner, & standing perfectly still (her threatening forelegs armed with an extraordinary arsenal but raised apparently in prayer) she happily guillotines, snap, any unnoticing bee, locust, wasp - even her no longer required mate - stupidly aiming to wander past her.