New Year '75

Swango Revisits Chau Doc

‘There's an old man, Swango, has come to the door.
He has your manifesto in his hand. (He looks
about 5 ft high. Is evidently inquisitive. Is wide-eyed.
Has a white tuft for a beard.) He says he has a question
to ask you.’

‘Let him speak up. I’m not bothered about questions.
Abe Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Longfellow
& Whitman clamor in my blood. His question will
be simple for me . What does he want?’

‘He appears to have lost something. Probably it's nothing
important. Not his family, his house, pigs, chickens
or his buffalo. Could be, I suppose, his well-bucket?
I’ll ask him.

‘Look you here, friend - grandad! Swango’s
busy composing. He’s producing another manifesto,
not unlike the one you have in your fist.

‘So what
(speak quickly: use very few words) is the question
you urgently want the adviser to answer?
If it’s not land you seek - not cash, rice, seeds,
tools or equipment - what else can you bloody well
possibly want?’

† Swango’s manifesto (Christmas ‘70 - New Year ‘71) is printed (back page) in Vietnam Inc.


Swango's aide cannot expect his master - with the great weight of US history constantly in his mind- to worry about the loss of pigs, chickens or other similar possessions of the peasantry.

However he assures the old man who has a question for Swango that the adviser is producing a second manifesto which should solve all problems & satisfy any normal person's needs.