Daniel Cast Into A Lions' Den

Darius raised Daniel over the princes & presidents.
They immediately drew up a decree.
‘For 30 days no petition shall be made to man
or God but to thee, O king.’

3 times every day Daniel blessed Jehovah
& prayed for the restoration of Jerusalem.
The presidents reported this matter
‘the breaking of his unalterable law '
to the king .

Darius himself accompanied Daniel
to the den of lions
& sealed the stone.

The king passed the night sleepless & fasting.
No instruments of music & no women
were brought to him .

Very early in the morning the king rose
& hastened to the den.

With a lamentable voice he called loudly
‘Is Daniel’s God able to deliver him from the lions?'
Daniel    sitting among the lions    replied
‘God’s angel is here beside me.
The lions' mouths have been closed;
These beasts have done me no hurt. '

Darius himself drew Daniel from the den.
His accusers were cast through the aperture
at the top    & immediately
‘or ever they reached the bottom'
the lions mastered them .

Darius made a 2nd decree.
‘Everywhere my servants
shall tremble before the God of Daniel .’
He is the living God & steadfast forever.
He delivers & rescues.
He daily works his signs & wonders.

He has delivered Daniel this day from the jaws of a lion.'


The AV declares that Darius ‘laboured till the going down of the sun ' to deliver Daniel. He is naturally as amazed as the reader would have been to see his friend sitting comfortably among the lions.

Then King Darius wrote to many nations in their own languages,
‘Let all men every where tremble before Daniel's God. Having shut the mouths of my lions with signs & wonders he has delivered his servant Daniel!'