Village Store

When next the bell Jigs, & the dust
flies over the shelves & settles
among the cheeses, I propose we slip
into the dark: let the customer (in absence
of assistants) question himself & sort out
without charge whatever damn him he pleases!

He can surely make himself pots
of tea (not to mention 35 different
varieties of soups) ... & choice large packets
of macaroni can be dished selectively
with the cheese, followed by currant roll,
plum-duff, Xmas puddings, or whole groups

of ready-mix... Alternatively: frozen fingers, chips
with salad, plain or with HEINZ ketchup. This
customer may of course turn out as daft
as yesterday’s idiot (mongolian, was he?) had
a clawed hammer under his coat:
again & again
waving his weapon. threatening me & the girl ( just 15
& quite obviously wetting her pants in her fright
to hand him  our 17/6 - SUM TOTAL reposed in the till.

Nobody will surely criticize us for taking off
- there's the-bell ! - OPTIMISTICALLY ( but no testimonials)


Here is one of those oldfashioned shops in which almost anything can be bought.

At sight of what appears to be an entirely untrustworthy customer, I suggest we clear off to some other site which surely, however Godless, couldn't be worse than this.

(The seventeen & sixpence suggests that this scene has been dragged up from the far distant past.)