With Possibly a Masterpiece

TOMORROW he has promised to surprise me
with a valuable out-of-this-world EXTRAORDINARY
silk Indian (with pictures) prayer rug.

swept his collection of machine-made GIM-
CRACKERY swiftly into his carpet-
bag: has closed the door with silent
oriental adroitness
& vanished.

All my period reproductions (obviously sham –
quite unable’ my husband says ‘to illuminate us!’)
must be fitly rearranged or disposed of.

His carpet-illustration will be of a branchrooted
Fig or Mulberry ( widespreading over the whole
) Type of Tree. . .

The enlightened Gautama
- about to depart from his home - will genie-like
spring up from under my feet & startlingly
enliven my sittingroom...

By this time tomorrow
if asiatics are to be trusted – I’ll possess ( at
minimal price
- no questions asked ! ) a unique
& irreplaceable masterpiece.


Tomorrow he'll surprise me - since he sees I'm not the sort to care for tinfoil or rubbish - with a decoration for my house which even Buddha would find acceptable.

I’ll not ask him how he got it: I’ll be eternally grateful to him - whatever his methods - for giving me the chance of possessing such a priceless object.