Somebody Somewhere Sometime

Father has never managed to utter
a single word to the point on the subject.

Harassed/bothered (coming & going) he's involved
continually in tracking intractable figures lost
in his ledgers - or weakly forgiving his idiot
but shapely secretaries for unpardonable errors

& irrecoverable profits . . .

Mother - bemused - & polishing her mountains
of dishes & her mirrorlike pots ... or shinning
up beanstalks, or querying ‘and Who Is the
Fairest Of Us All?’

. . .  has equally lost us!

What is this birdlime spread on the wall
has positively fixed them;
searching, scanning the maelstrom
we’re giddying about in!


It’s apparently impossible - owing to the circumstances binding them - for the father (evidently too hard at work to be helpful), or the mother (desperately devoted to appearances & imaginary situations), to rescue their children, however much they may love them, from the difficulties which will soon engulf them.