Dictionary of Birds
(Any Order)


I was 9 when this miniature
grayheaded crow,  aged 0, fell
from a tree with a jack
& sprawled at my  feet.

Delighted I hurried him home.

Splendidly fattened, continually fed
he lived 2 years happily here.

In the spring Of the 3rd - calling
& whirling
- he fled to the woods.
Next day he returned jacking & searching
-  joyfully I held out my hand to him.

With a streak of blood, a groove in his head
(a gift from his kin!) he lay in my house.

He croaked when I fed him  More! more!
 - thinking perhaps he was back in his tree.

At the 5th croak he was dead.


This bird was a joy to me; but I think that somehow I split him in two & destroyed him.