The Hanged One

His eyes are shut darkly      his hands
grip an iron rail      he sits
on 4 rods      his body & feet
are closely clamped      1/4-inch wires
are sunk      ( meat hooks? )        into the shaven
top of his head.         He's vaguely suspended.

Is he sleeping
dreaming        wondering        thinking
between the little shock      the BIG
shock        the BIGGER shock?

He has a huge ear.    One bony leg
has been cleanly shaved.    He has
a sad deprived look
with every green tree vanished?

Or is he up there
-escaped forgotten & happy-
swinging & whirling?


A multitude of hands & hearts reach out to this imprisoned, desolate & ancient-looking creature. His bent back, his clutching hands & clamped feet wordlessly shout for help. Whose help?