Primary Park Scene

3 elephants stretch their trunks
between iron bars to retrieve buns.

On a square of lawn in the hot sun
(by the pond close to the parrot-house)
Nanny offers me
- thanks Nanny ! -
a chocolate titbit.
I smear my face.

With wizened looks 4 gorillas waddle
with long arms & bent legs
threatening      glaring         menacing
Eagles glower
. . . parrots squawk & squawk.
Wolves      bears      lions      tigers
- grey brown yellow & red –
pad & pad.

Monkeys snatch at the nuts
I throw them...
catch & gobble the fish a keeper
flings them.. .
I rock my pram.
When I shout
even the startled wolves gallop...


Every single one of them grows & grows
bigger & bigger


These inmates (even in my pram I'm a private investigator) I've studied frequently & closely.

I never hear or see their hearts & minds, merely their noises & movements.

I've constantly bemused & amazed myself in this marvellous extraordinary prison – busily hopefully.