Aqua Show

‘There she blows!’
Dear boy, how wrong
can you be? This tiny creature is a porpoise
or dolphin. It has (heavens!) a bikinied girl
on its back. Presently she'll stick ( or will
) her head in its mouth.

[I see myself in my
whale-ship: a gale blows: there’s ice
in the rigging. There'll be a grand fight:
perhaps we shall lose him. Even without the money
there’s no other (how could there be?) life for me.]

He springs 20 feet UP to get the fish. He has
no legs ... Certainly no trampoline! HOW THE
DEVIL DOES HE D0 IT? The keeper pats him
on the head, kisses him on the mouth.

He seems somehow like a lap-creature
sits on a cushion

[Close by my ship, as the sun sets,
blood spreads widely over the sea.
Part sun, part fish.
It's been a hard day, hard
for man, hard for fish. But who’ll
(I’m no Jonah: he's
no monster: this is no

perhaps? ]


The whaler is fascinated by the fish-park. The striking differences, which he sees between his own desperate & dangerous life & these friendly games with deepsea creatures, disturb & bewilder him.

The vitality of a captured whale (& even of a porpoise or dolphin) is enormous; but does anyone - except Jehovah - worry about the desperate struggles to survive some of these almost mythical creatures need to make?