This House This Life This Garden

I 've got it all planned. I’ll spend 30 years
Working like hell to make the cash to buy
the land ( sited on a hilltop by the sea’s edge)

& with my own hands like a navvy
build stone by stone or brick by brick
in acres of gorse & heather the house
(& very specifically the garden) which year in
year out - sitting cooped in this unspeakable
city - I've particularly designed for it.

The garden will be a strip of lawn together with
a small pond (brilliant with a few fish
& some lilies) surrounded - spring summer
& autumn – with Hydrangeas camellias
azaleas rhododendrons etc for shrubs
& cherries peaches plums magnolias
crabs & whatever for trees.

My dog who
also loves peace will sit happily thinking
(observing hundreds of rabbits to roar around
that a similar tomorrow will undoubtedly
follow a brilliantly similar tomorrow.

I’ll then be 70 & not so certain of tomorrow
as that ignorant & goodnatured oaf is...

Reconsidering the house my life & this garden
I’ll think as he does     precisely detailing one detail
after another detail
Joyful & hopeful (almost) as he is.


Surely everyone has the right to build what he wants exactly as he wants it (subject of course to planning permission) & so live his last days happily like his dog joyfully & hopefully.