He has 4 arms & 4 legs: he’s as fat
& round as a tub .
He urges himself crablike to who knows where!

Plato says grandly: ‘He's the fulfillment
of androgynous love.’
But he's vain & intemperate.
With no regard for any religion he's intolerably insolent.

Jupiter informs an assembly of the gods: ‘This fat man
will presently climb into heaven & dethrone us!
We must split him in 2 like a log.’

The new sections are now positively all the rage.
Each part has 2 arms 2 legs & 1 so-&-so . . .
They no longer roll. They run breathlessly.
They search for each other.

Plato is angry. ‘Empty halves’ He says ‘are ridiculous !
Hoop them together & fill them with wine.
They'll then be one again – complete, perfect!’


This is derived from The Banquet (Plato) in which well-known characters discuss the nature of love.

Aristophanes describes how  each human being was once both male & female, with various parts duplicate; - two heads, four arms & four legs, etc.

But when these creatures became too proud & insolent, the gods had them cut into two separate sections: one half male, the other female.One part therefore obviously needs the other in order to join perfectly with it.

(The Gospels, speaking of a man & his wife, say: ‘... & the twain shall be one flesh.’)