Allah Buddha & Jehovah

Allah Buddha Jehovah & every single other God
I desperately invoke refuses, without offering
the vestige of an explanation, even so much
as to peer through a window ( or appear to nod
or smile at me ), & certainly not one of them
has ever, whatever the occasion, rung
the bell or hammered the knocker.

can this be? What have I done, or not done?

Perhaps the house is in the wrong street or maybe
the entire neighbourhood's totally unacceptable.

I think
the people here rarely wash, can scarcely clink
2 thoughts together, & have so befouled this area
that the idea of any such visit has become
& must without question be permanently
& instantly abandoned.


 I look desperately to any God who will take an interest - wish, even be anxious, to visit me -  willing to show friendliness.

What have I omitted, or  how offended?

There is too much here wrong: practically the whole  of it? A conviction has grown up - or has it?- that such visits today are impossible, laughable.