Remember Now Your Creator

It's definitely the old who think of him.
( I've never known him: why should I think of him? )

At the beginning of spring - in the splash of bulbs ,
almonds & cherries - ‘all you youngsters’ ( the writer
commands ) ‘shall INSTANTLY remember him!’

‘Before the evil days come . . . before the mourners
are in the streets & all doors are barred
& windows shut . . .

‘At a time
when not anywhere a single bird sings . . .

‘ Before the silver cord .
snaps & the golden bowl breaks. Before
the wheel & pitcher are smashed
at well & cistern.

‘All you children
positively before the hurricane
must remember him NOW!'
(he commands loudly).

† Ecclesiastes , chapter 12 .
(The preacher is an old man . He is
living alone in Jerusalem.)


Ecclesiastes stresses that now – while young - is the time to remember God .

He describes 'Evil days’ vividly: it will no longer be possible to be happy , to have any pleasure in such days. ‘Remember God, the Creator,’ the preacher commands, ‘before the sun, moon & stars are darkened, & before the clouds return.' 

In such days the keepers of the house will tremble & strong men (defeated) will bow themselves.

He describes the weaknesses of an old man: he has few teeth & they no longer grind ; his eyes are feeble ( the windows are darkened ) ; even a low sound , the song of a bird , startles him . . . Fears are in the way , the almond tree whitens ( grows old ) , a grasshopper is a burden & desire fails . . . mankind goes to his long (his last) home.

‘Remember your creator,’ the preacher commands , ‘before the silver cord is loosed , the golden bowl broken , the pitcher broken at the fountain & the wheel at the cistern; before the dust returns to dust , & the spirit returns to God who gave it . '