(Van Gogh, 1887)

He has staring (accusingly meditative)
introspective eyes
a bristly beard, a blue-
striped coat, & a gaily-cocked line-splodged
(green yellow & ochre - similar to his nose & ears) hat.

Under bright sun    in a cornfield    with
larks    crows    he wanders
backwards & forwards
excitedly over the canvas
He's thus very rich.
[Vincent lives on crusts
on something from a bottle in a brothel
continually on rejections.]

Mostly he's angry or mad
but he sings & shouts . . .

Everyday he lollops off into the fields.

Very quickly he paints for himself a new sky:
he walks instantly on a never-before-seen earth:
& immediately inhabits -- startled
an astonishing heaven!


Ochre perhaps is not entirely right for his hat, & gaily cocked is an exaggeration, but his nose is strikingly in tune with his eyes & there's a twirl in his ear  correctly  balancing the beard & hat.

This mixed-up carefully sculptured person obviously was frequently angry & mad; but surely not so the other one, the artist, out in the fields happily astonished, singing & shouting?