Seal Pup

The pup stares wonderingly
roundeyed at the hunter
bumbling on the ice-floe
swaddled in bearskins.

He staggers near
balancing awkwardly
& inquiringly glares at the pup.

The hunter calculates the position
He raises his pickaxe
- he's maybe defending his fishcatch.

He swoops & strikes the pup twice on the head.
The seal rolls      shuts his eyes       lies still
- he’s cunning for an infant -
pretending at first stroke
(proving it? by reddening the ice)
to be immediately dead.


Ship's gone         hunters         seals         ( a group
of protesters)
everyone's gone!

The VAST blue meets the VAST white
both of them empty.


I suppose the pup – wide-eyed, trusting, simpleminded -will perhaps maybe disturb the fishcatch (will provide with his silky fur splendid boots gloves & hats) will necessarily be clubbed skinned & quickly whisked to a civilised place from this frozen emptiness (God be praised for this emptiness! )