Zoo Garden

No sooner has the sun peered redly
over the wall than a thousand faces, white
& hairless
, enter my garden.
I sit silent
(it’s impossible to hide) WATCHING, anticipating,
Presently a horde, multicoloured,
will approach my house & stare through the window.
Years of experience have taught me (I pace updown
updown) never - whatever - to notice them.
I'm afraid of them... They laugh, they make friendly

Some of these creatures offer me heaven
knows what
- a bribe from the bags they carry.

It grows dark they vanish into primeval forests
which - as my keeper, I think, has frequently
told me - were at one-time mine
& are now THEIRS
god help them!


I'm forever on show to these fantastic creatures who daily enter my garden & stare inquisitively through the window of my cage.

What do they want? They laugh & look friendly, but I avoid noticing them.

At nightfall they vanish; & my keeper tells me they've taken possession of a forest which was once mine but which apparently they now regard as theirs.