Not A Thing, Bush, To Worry About

There was more excitement (electric) in the house
- more than for any other, Dr Bush –
when I - Albert - was born.

I remember (but how do I remember?) there was a swinging
party at the time; & mostly the guests ( GIN
WHISKY & CHAMPAGNE ) were stoned as the dead ,

I reclined over their heads soberly in the sweating
belly of my ma, gulping & reaching (I've been told)
for the air & the light….


Ma has communicated to me umbilically
that I shall be a print of perfection.

But not to worry, Bush!

with your aid I’ll soon ( with pa) be on the rump
of some original whirligig
absently whirling & whirling


This is an impression of the unique occasion when I was born, & of all the excitement & hope of outstanding success which would naturally accompany the birth.

But the good old doctor need feel no concern: I shall soon be safely seated on the customary whirligig.