(Face to Face)

He is a bold & brave man. He has virtually rejected
prophecy, understanding, words, knowledge,
& even the faith he once lived by, which surely,
I thought, was all in all to him.
It is clear however
that words are still music to him . They resound,
they thunder, they quiver in his head like the brass
gongs he bitterly rejects .
Listen to them!
I cannot repeat them. But read them in his letter.
In effect he says: ‘Without charity (but what is charity?)
faith is nothing’.
He contemplates , but sees not a jot
of profit in them : 'Feeding the Poor’, ‘Giving his Body
to be Burned',     Removing Mountains' .
He looks
to the time when he will no longer play on the beach
in the dark like a child . He will stand (but who else
can so stand?) - foursquare: knowing what he is,
what he was , what he could be - face to face
with his God!
I will go out quickly now;
I will attempt to obey his instructions; & maybe
a crumb or two will fall for you & for me ( for the
both of us
) from his so-loaded table.


St. Paul rates charity - he means of course love - so highly that he rejects various outstanding virtues, drained of charity, as unprofitable or worthless. He speaks ( in magnificent phrases ) of life without love as Moses may very well have spoken of life without God.

But humble & obedient dogs patiently prowling around his table loaded with this rich food may surely hope to profit by prowling there .