About Rob Angus

Robert Angus was born in Australia in 1906. His father Arthur Angus invented an automatic braking system on the railway and brought his family to England to demonstrate the invention here.

Rob went to Caius College Cambridge and was awarded an MA in English with the intention then of becoming a writer, poet or journalist.

Family Life and Stouts Hill School

In 1935 he married Joan and together they opened a boys preparatory school in the heart of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, at Stouts Hill, Uley.

Rob was headmaster there for 34 years from 1935 to 1969. He taught mathematics. Life was busy with an extended family of youngsters boarding and all the extra-curricular activities — something to appeal to every individual. For many it was a wonderfully happy place.

Former pupils of the school include Stephen Fry and Captain Mark Phillips, former husband of Princess Anne. Stephen Fry refers to the school in his autobiography Moab Is My Washpot.

While he was headmaster much of Robert's creative writing was limited to the school holidays and most of his publications date from after that time. He retired in 1969 and the school closed in 1979.

Robert Angus died in January 1985.

Early Publications

His first poems were published in Poetry of Today, a quarterly extra of the Poetry Review in September 1927. The poems were:

In 1928 Poetry of Today published:

Also in 1928 The County Series of Contemporary Poetry XIII for Dorset and Wiltshire published one of his poems: The Wood.

A short story entitled Syrinx was published in the Saturday Review in July 1932.


In 1963 three poems were published in Ambit and thereafter Rob's poetry was regularly published in this magazine. In all 67 poems were published. About eleven of those printed were either altered or rejected by Rob for his final collections, so they will not appear on the web.

A list of the poems published in Ambit is available here.

Other Publications

In 1970 Old Men Staring was read on the radio in the programme Poetry Now, a selection of recent and unpublished verse arranged and produced by Terence Tiller.

A magazine called Palantir edited by Jim Burns printed Tintoretto's Susanna in volume 18. Dichotomy followed in Palantir 20.

Books in Manuscript

Heaven and Earth — A short account of the Old Testament.

The Old Earth: The New Heaven — A single account of the gospels.

Blue Print and Other Tales — Biographical and short stories.

The Excluded Ones — Four stories from the Apocrypha.