Welcome to the Rob Angus Poetry Collections

Robert Angus was an author, teacher and poet. His writing has been widely published in Ambit, the Poetry Review, the Saturday Review and other journals. Click here for more about Rob Angus.

The Poetry

Rob Angus' poems were often incisive and poignant comments on social conventions and current affairs. A number of poems were published in two collections, which are presented here in full:

There are 95 poems in all with a wide range of topics. A Topic Index is available if you would like to find poems relating to particular themes quickly.

If you have any comments or would like permission to use the poems please get in touch with us.

Stephen Fry writes to Rob Angus:

“I have to say I enjoyed Zoo and Park greatly; it seems to me that you have a wonderfully authentic and individual voice.

In all the images, which are beautifully contained. there seems – just behind – to be lurking a very powerful sense of … what? Of nature ‘red in tooth and claw’ … if that isn't too much of of a cliché, certainly of a great and suppressed power. ”

Stephen Fry, actor, writer and TV personality is an old boy of Stouts Hill school where Rob Angus was headmaster.